Windsor Homes: 6 Simple Steps For An Easier Move

Posted in Buyer Blog | 10/04/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

Congratulations!  You are moving into one of the beautiful Windsor homes on the market today!  You have successfully negotiated a price you are happy with and now you have signed the final papers. Now it’s time to move. If you are organized and take time to prepare, you will find the task of moving, isn’t so overwhelming after all.

1.  Start Preparing:  If you plan on moving via a rental truck, start searching for the best deals now and secure a date.  Read the contract carefully and double-check to see if there are any surprise charges once you return the truck.  Do they charge by the mile?  What time does the truck need to be returned so you are not charged an additional day?  These are just a few of the questions to ask.

2.  Pack One Room at A Time:  By following this step, you are focused on the task at hand.  Start by packing rooms you don’t use frequently.  Once a room is complete, store labeled boxes against a wall and move to the next room.

3.  Use Towels:  When packing breakables, particularly dishes, save money by using your towels as a cushion.  Remember that you don’t want any movement in the box to prevent breakage so use as many towels as necessary.  The other good news?  By following this step, you don’t need to pack your towels!

4. Ask Friends: Yes, it’s the call that many friends dread, but by asking them for help, you can finish early and start unpacking.  Promise pizza and beer and make sure that you are ready to start moving when your friends arrive.  No one likes to sit and wait while you finishing packing.

5.  Measure Dimensions:  With Windsor homes, make sure that you know the measurements of the rooms before you start packing.  It’s never a fun to find out on moving day that your leather chair won’t fit in your home office.  Know exactly where you want each piece of furniture to go and move it directly there once it’s off the truck.

6.  Take Your Time:  Once everything is unloaded and your friends have left, don’t rush getting everything unpacked.  Sit back and enjoy your new home without wearing yourself out.  You have worked hard to get to this day, so sit back and enjoy.  Owning Windsor homes has been a goal, so give yourself plenty of time to unpack.

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  1. Amy says:

    Those are practical guides when moving to a new home, not only to Windsor homeowners but also applicable for all new homeowners.

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