Windsor Homes for Sale: The Price is Right

Posted in General Blog | 06/02/2012

Windsor Homes for Sale

Windsor Homes for Sale

Regarding Windsor homes for sale, the first question most sellers ask their real estate agent is:  “Who much can I get for my home?”  The quick answer is look at your neighbor’s house that just sold.  Chances are, you will probably get as much for your home as they did for their house as long as it sold recently and is just like yours.

Real Estate agents will use comparable sales in your neighborhood to determine what you can reasonably get for your home.  The often difficult part is trying to find a home that closely matches your own.  Trying to find homes that are comparable in style, construction material, number of bedrooms and baths, basement (finished or unfinished) and yard size can be challenging, particularly in today’s real estate market.  But the closer the location of a recent sale is to your home the better.  A good comparable is a home in your neighborhood, subdivision, similar street and in your school district.

Of course, not every house is exactly the same.  Your home for instance, might have a new, upgraded kitchen, a deck or a swimming pool.  Maybe it has one more bedroom and bathroom.  A professional real estate agent will take all of these under consideration and apply them to your sales price accordingly.  Evaluating the differences and highlighting the improvements is one way a real estate agent adds value.

While it would be nice to use comparables from a few years ago when the housing market was better, unfortunately, this can’t be done.  Most lending agents use comparable sales that are no more than 90 days old.

It can be a sensitive time between a seller and real estate agent when trying to determine the price for your home.  Most sellers are very attached to their Windsor homes for sale, and are reluctant to price it based on comparable sales.  But your real estate agent needs to be honest with you regarding your home and the other homes he sees daily on the market.  Don’t take the criticism personally, but know that the main objective is to sell your home quickly at the right price, rather than watch it sit on the market overpriced with no activity.  Ask yourself this question:  What makes your home more valuable than the cheaper comparable sales and less valuable than the pricier homes?

Putting your house on the market at the right price means that you are more likely to have a “SOLD” sign on your property sooner rather than later.



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