Windsor Homes for Sale: What Your Real Estate Agent Should be Telling You

Posted in General Blog | 18/01/2012

Windsor homes for sale

Windsor homes for sale

When searching for Windsor homes for sale, it is important to use a real estate agent that you trust, who can keep you informed throughout the entire real estate process from beginning to end.  Establishing a good relationship will ensure that the experience of buying or selling a home goes as smoothly as possible.  What should your real estate agent be telling you?

A real estate agent should remain optimistic but also manage their clients’ expectations while trying to remain realistic.  No professional should get their clients over excited and make promises that cannot be kept. A real estate agent should tell you what you NEED to hear not just what you WANT to hear.

While agents must legally tell their clients about all offers that come in for any Windsor homes for sale, often times low offers are never presented to the client for reasons such as the real estate agent thinks it’s too low and assumes their client won’t accept.  A good real estate agent should be upfront about all offers and activity regarding your property.

A good realtor will open up about the downsides of a property as well.  Certainly, the positive aspects will be mentioned, but if there is an issue that an agent knows his client will not like, it needs to be mentioned when discussing the property.  That way, one knows that their real estate agent is listening to them.

Keeping communication open is critical, even if the news isn’t always good.  A professional real estate agent will not ignore the fluctuating market conditions and competition.  Regular and unsolicited updates should be provided on a regular basis.  No real estate agent should be difficult to get a hold of when you want to discuss any Windsor homes for sale.

Finally, a real estate agent should always be able to justify their fees.  This should be one area of discussion that is never off limits and a clear understanding of this process is a subject a professional agent should always be willing to discuss.

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