Why it’s a Good Time to Buy Windsor Homes for Sale

Posted in Buyer Blog | 11/01/2012

Windsor Homes for Sale

Windsor Homes for Sale

Trying to figure out the housing market is like trying to figure out the opposite sex.  Everyone has an opinion yet no one is really sure of the answer.  But there are certain positive signs we are seeing to suggest that this could be an excellent time to look at Windsor homes for sale and it is a good time to buy a home.

The most talked about positive sign is that mortgage rates are at historic lows.  Assuming rates will stay where they are, or go even lower, is risky.  The potential is always there for the rate to increase sharply.  For the buyer, this could be a win-win situation.  If rates do increase, your housing payment will seem relatively small with inflation.  If rates continue to go down, you can always renegotiate the loan.

Another thing to consider is there are fewer serious buyers, which mean it is less likely, you will find yourself in a bidding war today.  Negotiations are more effective when you are dealing with eager sellers.  Should you wait to purchase a Windsor home for sale, you may be competing with more buyers.  It just makes sense that as the market improves, the demand will pick up.  Being ahead of the game gives buyers more of an advantage.

Renting is no longer the deal it once was.  With mortgage rates so low, houses in many markets look like bargains. House payments are more affordable and often less than paying rent.  Not only that, but you are purchasing something that is truly yours.  Paint that wall if you feel like it!

While the jury is still out when we will see rapid growth in the housing market, these positive steps show that a rebound could be on its way.




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