Windsor Homes receive help for affordable housing from CMHC

Posted in Vlog | 31/01/2012

Biimskiinodin Transitional Home was created in 2005 by Can-Am Urban Native Windsor Homes, a non-profit corporation that provides affordable housing for First Nation families. The name Biimskiinodin is an Aboriginal term that loosely translates to “whirlwind of leaves.”

Transitional homes provide a place for families who are in a housing crisis, such as those staying in an emergency shelter, facing eviction or living in a substandard unit. Families typically stay in the Biimskiinodin Transitional Home for about six months. The Biimskiinodin Transitional Home has two units, one with four bedrooms and the other with three bedrooms.

The building was purchased through the federal Supporting Community Partnerships Initiative. The home was then renovated with assistance from CMHC’s Shelter Enhancement Program. The City of Windsor Homes provide rent subsidies from Ontario’s Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program.

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