3 Remodeling Tips For Windsor Homes That Pay

Posted in General Blog | 31/05/2012

Windsor Homes

Future sellers of Windsor Homes know that any improvements they make on their property needs to be something that will entice buyers.  Keeping that in mind, here are some home improvements that add value and appeal to those looking at Windsor homes.

1.  Remodeled Kitchen:

Buyers still prefer large kitchens with a great room/family room attached.  Spending time together as a family in a room that is comfortable, spacious and up to date is what most buyers look for.  A chef’s kitchen, with plenty of shelving and island is always a bonus and a seller cannot go wrong when transforming an older kitchen, into a newly decorated modern kitchen.

2.  Wired Home:

Smart homes are becoming very popular with buyers.  Should a seller decide to wire their home for home offices and other high technology needs, then this is considered a huge plus.  Workstations with top of the line installation are becoming a way of life for many and this type of remodeling can add value to Windsor homes.

3.  Outdoor Living Spaces:

Creating an outdoor living space is a popular trend that keeps getting more popular.  Buyers want to take advantage of ever living space, and that includes the great outdoors.  By constructing a relaxing area, where you can combine entertainment, cooking and activity, buyers will take notice.

Did you know that homeowners are adding more amenities to their homes than ever before?  The reasons are many, but basically, people like to stay home and enjoy what they have.  As they old saying goes, there really is no place like home.  So keep in mind that not all home improvements and remodeling jobs add value to a home, so it is wise to make smart decisions when you consider updating your home that you know you will eventually sell.  Those projects that don’t normally pay off:  high maintenance gardens, garages that hold more than three cars and anything a buyer can’t see, like new plumbing or a water heater.

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