Windsor Homes: Secrets to Selling In An Undesirable Location

Posted in General Blog | 24/02/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

As mentioned in a previous blog, Location, Location, Location it is very important to consider location when buying Windsor Homes.  But what if you are selling a home in a less than desirable location or next to an eyesore neighbor?  What marketing strategies do you follow if you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood for example?  What if you have a home in an economically depressed area?  Or near railroad tracks, freeways or close to a landfill?

As we all know, selling a house is stressful.  But if you add in a slowly recovering housing market and a bad location, your stress may have tripled.  Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of securing a home sale.

1.  Be realistic.  Windsor homes in an undesirable location are worth less than those that are in coveted locations.  That is just the way it is.  Your house may be the best one on the block, but it is still in a neighborhood that is not on the top of most buyers’ lists.

2.  Fix up any flaws!  If you go by the assumption that you shouldn’t fix any repairs because your home won’t attract your asking price anyway because of its location, then you are making a mistake.  By all means, repair, paint, clean or get rid of any issues that need attention.  The same goes with making your home as attractive as possible with lots of curb appeal.  Have your home look the best in the neighborhood so buyers will immediately notice it when they drive by.  Of course, follow this same advice with the interiors.  Replace worn carpets, get rid of clutter, clean, polish and make the house sparkle.

3.  If your Windsor home has been on the market for a period of time, it may be worth considering to change marketing plans.  Target buyers who are looking for investment properties, such as a rental.  Less desirable locations are often where buyers look when buying a home to rent out.  Home values are obviously cheaper and finding renters to live there is not as difficult as finding a buyer who doesn’t mind living next to an industrial area.

Remember that once a house’s value has fallen tremendously, it is unlikely to recover little if at all.  Leave your emotions behind and keep in mind your goal:  To sell and move on!

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