Windsor Homes: The Tricks to Finding A Home Long Distance

Posted in Buyer Blog | 08/02/2012

Looking to buy Windsor Homes and homes in general is more convenient thanks to the internet.   But what if you want need to purchase a home long distance?  And what if it is in an area which you are not familiar?  Yes, the computer has made it easier, but it still takes  some serious research and leg work.

Usually, long distance buyers are dealing with a specific time frame if they are moving for a new job and often have limited availability, so it is important for a real estate agent and buyer to do as much homework as possible.  Here are a few steps long distance buyers can follow when looking for homes long distance.

1. Find a Real Estate Agent:  This is a whole story in itself and one that I will be addressing in a future article, however, it is important to find a real estate agent with an impeccable reputation and one who lives or sells in the area where you are looking.  This is not a do it yourself project particularly if you are buying a home in an area you are not familiar.  A good real estate agent will guide you through the neighborhoods you desire and will give you their honest opinion if a home may not be in your best interest based on the information you provided.

2.  Found a Real Estate Agent?  Now What?  Go over your “Needs, Wants and Wishes” with your agent and look to be but into a “Buyer Profiling System” where you get homes that match these desires sent to you instantly.  Make your preferences and criteria clear.  Once you send this email, pick up the phone and go over your list with your agent to confirm that you both are on the same playing field.  Ask your agent to email some homes within your specifications and be sure and give them your honest feedback.  When you see something you like online, send it to your agent for more additional information.  While it may be a nice home, it may be in an undesirable location.

3.  Visit As Much As You Can:  Whether it be Windsor Homes or homes in any area, it is never a good idea to buy a house without visiting it.  It is important to get a real sense of the property.  Yes, you may love the house, but what about the neighbor next door?  Maybe it’s an eyesore or they have a loud dog.  Maybe the home sits in a neighborhood full of rentals.  Or perhaps the house doesn’t look so appealing in person?  There are lots of things that could happen, not only with Windsor home neighborhoods, but also everywhere.  So visit when you can and as much as you can because your dream home could look completely different in real life.



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