Windsor Houses: 4 Money-Sucking Home Staging Mistakes

Posted in General Blog | 19/04/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Staging Windsor houses is more important than ever as this feature can help sell your home quicker than a home that is not.  Good home staging creates a positive first impression that focuses on your homes strong points.  However, it’s easy to make some common mistakes as well.  Here are some home staging mistakes you should always avoid:

1.  Be Clear What Home Staging Does:  As mentioned, home staging accents and brings out your home’s assets, it is not to hide any problems your house may have. As a seller, you will need to make all home repairs prior to putting your home on the market.  Simply staging your home to take the attention away from either a structural or mechanical issue won’t do.

2.  Let The Professional Do Their Work:  Sellers are often very attached to their Windsor housesand often let their emotions get in the way.  But when a home stager is hired, it is best to let them focus on what will make your home sell.  Chances are you may have different styles and preferences, but usually, your stager will know how to make a home appealing for the prospective buyer.

3.  Know What Stays And What Goes:  Often a buyer will so love a staged home, they just assume the furniture and accessories come with it.  Be clear to your real estate agent what furniture, if any, stays in the home.

4.  Clean Out Storage:  Remember, buyers will look into your cupboards and closets.  If by chance they find an unorganized mess, the buyer will assume that there is not enough storage in the home.  Take a day prior to listing your home and work on decluttering your storage spaces.  Remember, no one wants to view, much less move into, someone’s mess.

To find a good home stager, ask your real estate agent or get recommendations from friends.  Pricing varies but most, if not all home staging businesses, are happy to give free estimates.  Some charge an hourly rate and others will give you a set price for the entire job.  If cost is an issue, consider only staging a few rooms in your house.  Usually, you want those rooms that the buyer will see first when walking into your home.

To achieve a successful sale in a busy market, Windsor houses should always be presented at it’s best.  By hiring a stager, you are one step ahead of your competition.

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