Windsor Houses: Tips on Finding A Motivated Seller

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/05/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

As a homebuyer looking for Windsor houses, the goal is to find the perfect house for your family that is being sold by a motivated seller.  But often, a “motivated seller” means different things to different people.  For some buyers, it means that a seller is desperate to sell.  For the “motivated seller,” it can simply mean that they are entertaining respectable offers.

Real estate agents often list a home for sale by motivated sellers when the seller won’t agree on a reasonable asking price.  By using this term, it encourages traffic through the home and encourages buyers to make an offer less than the listing price.  The goal is to get an offer that everyone can use as a starting point when sellers are clear about a price and won’t budge.

How To Work With Motivated Sellers:

As a buyer, if you are serious about purchasing Windsor houses from a motivated seller, then ask your agent why the seller has listed their home.  If it’s because the seller just wants to see if they can get a certain amount for their home, then more than likely they will not budge so it’s best to move on.  However, if it’s because they are moving or in financial trouble, then consider making a lower offer.  If the seller doesn’t respond, then decide if you still want the home.  If they come back with a full-price counter offer, they could be agreeable to negotiate further but acknowledge that you must come up higher in price for them to take you seriously.

Another tactic is to wait for a price reduction.  Chances are, there will be one if the home hasn’t sold, or an offer hasn’t been made in the first 30 days.  You may also find out if the owner has rejected other offers for the home.  If this is the case, you may want to consider a bid slightly above those turned down offers.

Overall, keep in mind that a motivated seller for Windsor houses often means nothing or it can be more.  Ask your real estate agent for additional information on the status of a seller should you find yourself wanting to bid on such a home.

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