Windsor Houses for Sale: How to Negotiate Successfully

Posted in Buyer Blog | 13/01/2012

After months of searching through the many Windsor houses for sale, you have finally found the perfect home.  Now it’s time for what many consider the most stressful part in the buying process:  negotiating a fair price.  To ease the anxiety, consider these steps before you make your first offer:

1.  Do your homework:  Make sure you know the market value of the property.  Your agent should know the comparable Windsor houses for sale in the area, how quickly they are selling and for how much. This should give you an idea if the asking price is realistic.

2.  Your opening offer sets the tone:  Should you give a lowball offer to a Windsor house for sale, the buyer may refuse to negotiate at all.  This is especially true if several people are interested in the property, the tougher it will be for the seller to counter back and forth.  Have a firm price that you know you cannot go over and consider taking ten percent off for your first offer.

3.  Keep in mind that everything is negotiable when making an offer for a Windsor house for sale.  Take into consideration that if the seller doesn’t come down to a price you want, you can negotiate other things, like who pays the closing costs or repairs if needed.  Thinking outside of the box makes the process easier.

4.  Leave your ego at the door.  Nothing can be more destructive or harmful to your negotiations than when egos get involved.  It is important to let your agent do the bidding.  That’s what you handled them for has their experience can allow buyers and sellers to close without incident.   This is where it is important to follow the Golden Rule.  Treating the seller with respect will get you further in the door you want to call home.



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