Windsor Houses for Sale: What’s Ahead for 2012

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/01/2012

Windsor Houses for Sale

Windsor Houses for Sale

It is always tricky to predict what’s ahead in the real estate market, particularly with Windsor houses for sale.  As we all know, the last several years have been extremely difficult for home owners who have watched the value of their property decline.  The good news is, we are seeing positive signs that the worst may be behind us. But don’t break out the champagne, as home prices are not poised to rebound any time soon.

Let’s look at what we are seeing that is good:  Interest rates are still very low which should push buyers to act.  These rates will not last forever, however, as long as unemployment is high and the economy remains delicate, rates will still remain near historic lows.  How long this will last?  It’s anybody’s guess but there should be no significant changes through the first part of this year.  As long as rates are this low, we expect to see home sales higher in 2012.

While the inventory of homes remains high, existing home sales are slowly increasing.  Yes, it’s not as quick as we would like, but active buyers are expressing improved confidence with their current work situations and their household budget.  It is also important to note that we are seeing more investors buying homes and using them as rental properties for the simple reason that they believe buying Windsor houses is good business sense. Home affordability is the best it has been in over forty years.

What’s not so good for Windsor houses for sale: Foreclosures are still a big problem in the housing industry.  Unfortunately, there is no clear sign that this crisis is over.  Buyers are also finding it a bit more difficult to secure financing.  Mortgages are being denied to creditworthy buyers; however, realtors can give buyers advice to help them overcome some of the buying obstacles.

It is important for buyers to know that there is an abundance of excellent bargains for those considering Windsor houses for sale. Let’s sit down and determine if the time is right for you.

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