Windsor Houses For Sale: Why Days On Market Matter

Posted in General Blog | 13/05/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

It’s true regarding Windsor houses for sale.  How many days it sits on the market matters to buyers.  They often conclude something is wrong with the home and the owner is now desperate to sell it since it’s not attracting buyers.  However, these assumptions could be wrong.  There are often other reasons why a home is not moving.

1. Seller is not motivated.  There are times where a seller will list their homes and price it too high just to see if they can sell it.  This is never a good idea as appraisals will come back with a lower amount and banks won’t close on the home.  It wastes time for everyone.

2.  Refusal to Negotiate:  Sellers listing their Windsor houses for sale often refuse to entertain any offers due to stubbornness.  They would rather their home sit on the market and wait for the economy to improve.  In the meantime, buyers go elsewhere.

3.  No Internet marketing:  As mentioned numerous times on this site, 90% of homebuyers today search for a home via the Internet.  If a home is not well marketed, it is left to sit there.  Hiring a real estate professional who is an expert in selling Windsor houses for sale, should be a top priority so a home just doesn’t sit on the market begging for buyers.

4.  Unavailable for showings:  Sometimes homeowners request showings by appointment only and it is difficult for buyers to fit it in their schedule.  Or, a home is rented and the renters do not make it easy for buyers to see the house.  Regardless, for the serious seller, a house must always be available.

5.  House is not ready:  Oftentimes a home is simply not ready to be on the market. Sellers often believe that they have plenty of time to fix up a house and will put it on the market while repairs need to be made.  Again,  Windsor houses for sale should always be ready the day it goes on the market.

If a buyer wants to know how long a home has been on the market, this information can easily be found by looking online or asking your real estate agent. Your agent should also be able to tell you why a home is sitting on the market.

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