Windsor Houses: Is it Worth Moving To A Better School District

Posted in Buyer Blog | 21/04/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Many families are busy looking for Windsor houses  now in the top school districts, giving themselves plenty of time to move before next September.  As children start reaching the ages to enter schools, parents often feel the need to move to the best school district and location they can find within their budget.  But is such a move really necessary?  Here are some suggestions to the buyer who wonders if it is worth moving to change schools.

1.  Visit Your Local School, Then Compare:  If you haven’t already, visit your local elementary school and meet with the principal, then go for a tour and sit in on a class.  Do the same with the school district you are considering. Is there a huge difference?  Do the schools offer different programs?  What is the class size ratio?  How does the school rate in standardized testing? Do they have an active Parent-Teacher Association?

2.  Private Schools:  Is this an option for your budget?  Private schools can be expensive but offer a high quality education.  Keep in mind that not only is tuition expensive, but parents will often pay more in additional donations and fundraising.  Check to see if there are some financial aid or scholarships available.

3.  Charter Schools:  These are gaining in popularity but they can be difficult to get into.  Like touring the elementary schools, it’s recommended to tour a school and talk to other parents to get their impressions.

Keep in mind that the distance from your future home to the school may be longer.  Check with the school district and see if they have bus transportation.  If so, is the bus route near your home and can your child safely walk there?  If the school is close enough to your home, make sure there are crossing guards on all major corners.  Windsor housesin good school districts mean that chances are you will have lots of neighbors with children as well.

Homes in good school districts are always popular and on the top of most buyers lists.  Homes that are in areas of public schools that have consistent high scores tend to maintain their value. If you have decided that you want to move, now is the time to talk to a professional real estate agent who can help you find Windsor houses in your budget so you can be settled by September.

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