Windsor Houses: Top 3 Mistake Home Sellers Make

Posted in General Blog | 07/04/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

It happens all of the time when selling Windsor houses:  Sellers who insist on selling their home for much more than it is currently worth.  As a real estate agent, I understand.  The more money a house sells for, the more money the seller has to use for another home, their child’s education or saving for retirement.  There is not a seller around who does not want to get the most money for their home.  However, there are many things to consider when settling on a home price that all sellers need to consider.

1.  Determine Value:  There is no scientific way to find the right price for Windsor houses.  A professional and experienced real estate agent will compare similar properties, make the necessary adjustments, look at present home inventory and track marketing movements.  Often, your real estate agent will discuss with other agents to determine that the final price is good.  This is often tricky as the danger in pricing it too high means that your home will sit longer and possibly lose more money in the long run.

2.  Should I Price Low?  If a home is priced too low, there is a very good chance that house won’t be available for very long.  There is an even better chance that a seller will entertain multiple offers, perhaps even driving the price up.  If you need to sell your home immediately, pricing a little below the value of the home is something to consider.

3.  Consider This:  Let’s say you insist on selling your home at a higher price than is recommended by your real estate agent.  Ask yourself if you are comfortable having your home on the market longer and continue to make monthly mortgage payments.  If your home hasn’t sold in several months, will you be ready to bring the price down?  Take into consideration that spring/summer are the prime months Windsor houses usually sell.  Will you be prepared to possibly stay in your home over the winter into next year?  This is what I often ask clients who do not want to price a home at a fair value.  Many buyers hesitate to look at homes that have been on the market a very long time as they assume something is wrong with the property.  They also hesitate to look at a home where the seller is known not to move on price.

The best thing to do when selling Windsor houses is to research what homes in your neighborhood are going for.  While your home may stand above and beyond other homes that recently sold, buyers usually won’t care.  There is too much inventory out there to price yourself out of selling your home.

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