Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents Offer Advice On Moving With Ease!

Posted in General Blog | 30/10/2013

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

As Windsor real estate agents we have heard all kinds of moving horror stories.  Like the time the movers never showed up, furniture not fitting through the doors, or parking permits weren’t secured where required.  Moving can be stressful yet exciting at the same time.  It is rare, very rare, when a move goes better than expected or problem free.  I always tell my clients to be as well prepared as possible, yet expect the unexpected.

Fortunately, we have some tips for those that are moving that may lessen the opportunity for a nightmare move.  Here is some good advice on those situations that you may not even think about….until it’s too late!

1. Moving Internationally:

If you are leaving the country, contact the embassy of your future new home for the necessary paperwork regarding permits and visas.  It is very important to look as soon as possible for international movers as they can often book up quickly.  Also, think about your budget: Does it make more financial sense to sell your current furniture and buy new once you move?  One client sold just about everything in her home and bought all new once she arrived in Asia.

2.  Think about the pets:

Moving companies will not move your pets so arrangements must be made well in advance before your moving date.  If you plan on flying, then you will need to contact the airline to make reservations for your pet.  Also, make sure that your pet visits the vet and shots are up to date.  Airlines will not take pets that don’t have the required paperwork. If you will need a kennel service, make reservations as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that many kennels book up quickly in the summer and during holidays.

3.  Moving with children:

No matter what the age, children need some time to adjust when moving.  This is particularly true with older children and teenagers as moving to new schools can be very stressful.  I have always found that honesty is the best policy when discussing your move with children so talk about any worries or concerns they may have.  Sometimes, children may act out when you least expect it, so patience is necessary.  On a more practical note, make sure that you gather all of their school records, birth certificates and medical information and keep with you throughout your entire move.  Also, I suggest you always pack your children’s rooms last and unpack their rooms first or as soon as possible.  Children like to be surrounded by familiar things, so the least amount of disruption, the better.

4.  Downsizing:

images-10More and more clients are downsizing from their larger homes, to smaller houses and condos.  So why waste money having a mover take everything to your new property when you don’t have the room? Prior to moving, sit down and ask yourself what you must have in your new home and what you no longer need.  I have discovered that many clients will get a storage unit for much of their belongings, while they figure out what to do with it.  Almost always, after living more simply, they realize they don’t need or want most of what they are storing.  So save on moving expenses by downsizing your “stuff” now and paying for a storage unit.  You can easily make some good money by throwing a garage sale or advertising your extra furniture, tools, garage and yard equipment etc., for sale.

Other small, but important tips:

1. Notify your credit card company that you will be moving, especially if you are moving internationally.  They may flag what they think are suspicious charges if made in another country.

2.  If renting, confirm your move-in dates with new landlord and get it in writing.  Yes, it has happened that the movers and new tenants have arrived at a rental unit only to discover people still living there.  Mix-ups happen.

3.  Many cities have very narrow streets and require a parking permit.  Again, it has happened where a new homeowner showed up and realized that the movers needed a permit to park.  Can you guess that the city didn’t care about the problem and the buyers had to wait an extra week for the paper work to go through?

4.  Review your moving contract carefully.  Don’t assume movers will provide the supplies or move your piano.  Some smaller companies work differently than the larger, professional ones, so get everything in writing and again, review!

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