Windsor Ontario Real Estate: Movers are Gone! Now What?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 26/02/2012

Windsor Ontario Real Estate

Windsor Ontario Real Estate

In my Windsor Ontario real estate blogs, I discuss all aspects of buying and selling a home.  From helpful hints to more serious issues I include everything one needs to know about the real estate process. Once the final paperwork is completed and signed and the keys to your new house are handed to you, the moving part begins.  As a realtor, I have often heard horror stories about the moving process.  I have frequently discussed ways to organize your move so it is as stress free as possible.  But once you are in your new home and the movers are gone, what is the best way to tackle the endless boxes and get settled into your new home as comfortably as possible?

It starts before the movers even leave.  Before they even say their final goodbye, make certain that everything is out of the truck.  Check the inventory list and to make sure every box has been accounted for.  Inspect all furniture for any marks, cracks or other damage.  Also, double check that all boxes are in good condition.   If there are damages, be certain to note its description and write it on the drivers inventory sheet before signing.  Do not attempt to accept any offer to settle the claim until you secure an estimate or cost of replacement.

After the movers have left, and you notice damage while unpacking, contact the moving company immediately to file a claim.  Take pictures of the damaged item for your records and send claim by certified mail.  Don’t throw the damaged box or packing material while your claim is being investigated as this could be used to prove your case.

To unpack and start living your new life with your Windsor Ontario real estate, understand that it may take many days before you feel like you are finally settled in your new home.  Hopefully you followed suggestions made in my previous blogs about organizing your packing and have a few “necessary” boxes that contains items you will need immediately, like your child’s favorite toy, a coffee pot, a few towels, bathroom essentials and bed sheets.

When unpacking, it’s important to focus on one room at a time.  Start with your child’s room first to get them happily settled.  Move along to bathrooms, master bedroom, family rooms and finally the kitchen.  The kitchen takes the longest to complete because it requires the most time so many people like to leave that room for last.  Remember, take-out food will be a way of life for a few days!

Overall,  breathe, relax and enjoy your Windsor Ontario real estate.  Your new home does not need to be perfect right away.  Have some fun exploring your new surroundings and meeting your new neighbors!

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