Windsor Properties: Do Home Buyers Prefer Neutral Paint Colours?

Posted in General Blog | 02/03/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

There are fewer things more off putting to a buyer than walking into Windsor properties seeing a home painted in bright, bold trendy colours.  Anything that looks obnoxious or loud will take the focus off of the properties selling points. The best advice:  Don’t let this happen to you.

It is rare that a buyer walks in and ignores an obtrusive paint colour with the simple words, “I don’t mind repainting!” It just doesn’t happen when there are plenty of Windsor properties to choose from.  So now that you are preparing your house for the market, take a look around.  You may like a purple kitchen, but the majority of buyers will not be attracted to it.

So what colours do potential buyers prefer?  Remember, the goal is have anyone that walks through your home feel like they could live there.  Buyers will be imagining their furniture in your house. If your current colour scheme won’t appeal to the majority of buyers:  repaint. Stick with neutral colours if you plan on painting the interior of your home.  Earth tones are highly suggested by most real estate agents.

Looking for ideas?  Go to new home constructions and see what builders are currently painting their projects. These model homes are almost always decorated by professional interior decorators who have a clear understanding what buyers are looking for.  Usually it’s a good idea to stay away from darker earth colours, like brown for example. With bathrooms, focus on lighter neutral colours since they are usually the smaller rooms in the house and the goal is to make them seem larger.  This would be true with any small room in the house, like a laundry room or tiny home office.

Another rule of thumb: time to remove all out dated wallpaper and replace with a fresh coat of paint.  Nothing ages Windsor properties, or turns off buyers quicker, than wallpaper that has been in a room for a significant period of time.  Correcting this problem will reward you with a quicker sale and a better offer.  Isn’t that the point of putting your home on the market?

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