Windsor Properties: Spring has Sprung!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 09/03/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

This is the time of year where more Windsor properties come on the market, as spring is traditionally the busiest time of the year for the real estate market.  The weather is finally warming, and buyers with children are eager to find a home so they can get settled during summer break.

So how do you get the advantage over other buyers looking for Windsor properties?  Everyone is looking for the best homes with the best deals.  Here are some suggestions:

Get Started Now:  Find a Realtor who understands your needs and won’t waste your time showing you homes that aren’t in your price range or in the school district you desire.  Make it clear what your needs and wants are to your agent before you even start looking at Windsor properties.

Get Pre-Approved.  This is a clear advantage when making an offer on a home.  A seller will understand that you are qualified and serious.  This will also save precious time, as you will know exactly what a bank is willing to loan you so you can avoid looking at homes over budget. So go ahead and get this procedure out of the way!

Be Flexible:  Be ready to look at a home the second it comes on the market if your real estate agent has a perfect match for you.  In a busy market, homes and especially distress sales go quickly.  So be ready to make an offer if you find exactly what you are looking for.

Down Payment, Closing and Miscellaneous Costs:  Know where your down payment is and have it ready in a bank account so when your offer is made, it will be available at closing.  Speaking of closing, be prepared for the final figure when it comes to closing costs for.  More often than not, buyers are shocked at the final tally, so have a clear understanding how much you will be charged.  If this proves to be a problem, often times you can ask the seller to pay.  Talk to your real estate agent about these details.  Finally, remember you will need homeowners insurance and this must be purchased before final papers are signed.

To get started viewing the outstanding Windsor propertiesthat are on the market, give me a call today!

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