Windsor Properties: Tips for Successful House Hunting

Posted in Buyer Blog | 26/03/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

You have a clear plan:  You want to take advantage of the warmer weather and finally purchase one of the many available Windsor properties you have been dreaming about all winter.  You have your down payment and your pre-approval letter – but you just don’t have the house yet.  In order to find a home this spring, so you can be happily settled by summer, follow a few of these house hunting tips to make your experience enjoyable.

1. Prepare a checklist:  What are you top needs?  What are your wants?  Separate the two then bring the list to every home tour.  Make notes on each of the features including the pros and the cons and be specific.  Once you start looking at more and more homes, your memory tends to fade on the details of each home.  With this list, it will be easier to remember which homes you liked, or didn’t, and why.

2.  Bring a camera:  Well, actually, in this day and age, don’t forget your smart phone so you can take pictures of your favorite Windsor properties.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Keep family and friends at home:  Other than your spouse, don’t bring lots of people when viewing a home.  Everyone has an opinion and buyers are likely to listen to every one of them.  Remember, it will be your home!

4.  No surprises: Always find out home much property tax, utilities and homeowners fees (if necessary) before making your final decision.  These costs have a way of adding up, so if you are purchasing a home close to the top of your budget, you may need to reconsider.

5.  Remain in contact with your agent:  Return all calls as soon as possible especially if there is a chance a home just came on the market and your agent wants you to see it as soon as possible.

6.  Take your time when deciding on any Windsor properties if at all possible: This will probably be the biggest financial decision you will make.  Don’t be guided by emotion, but a clear, logical decision process.  Yes, we all fall in love with homes, but step away and take a breath before you making a hasty offer.

7.  New listings come up every day: Check the internet to see if anything in your price range and neighborhood suddenly came on the market.  It changes weekly if not daily.  If you see something you like, let your real estate agent now if they haven’t discovered it first.

8.  Keep your bids competitive:  Don’t insult your buyer with a ridiculously low bid or they may send you packing, and not to their home which you want, but to the curb.

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