Windsor Property: 5 BIG Reasons Why You Need A Professional

Posted in Buyer Blog | 01/04/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

So many people these days ask why they need to hire a professional real estate agent when searching for their Windsor property.  With the internet and the availability of so much information at your fingertips, it is understandable why one would take the plunge and attempt to do it themselves.  But, look at it this way:  Anyone can also Google how to perform a root canal, but wouldn’t you rather have a professional dentist handle that procedure for you?  Of course.  Let me show you why hiring a professional real estate agent can save you money, time and stress.

1. Marketing & Exposure:  It’s not exactly a big secret that you’ve got to have qualified buyer traffic to see your home if you want it sold and for top dollar.  It’s all a numbers game.  Think about it.  If you were fighting a raging inferno, would you rather have everyone in your neighborhood bringing over a tablespoon of water to put out the fire… or would you like to have 6 state-of-the-art fire trucks pumping out 7,651 gallons of water a minute battling the blaze?  It’s no contest.

Most real estate agents and companies piddle with antiquated and ineffective methods of marketing property like print ads, open houses and television that only produce trickles of traffic because they are less expensive.  In comparison, over 95% of all home buyers, just like you, prefer to look on-line but unfortunately, the majority of Realtors are inept and lack the tools and skills to capture these highly qualified buyers.

2. Experience:  Much like you would hire an experienced dentist for that root canal we were talking about, you want to hire a qualified and experienced agent to handle your Windsor property needs. Whether you are selling your home in a buyers market, or trying to find your dream home, this is not the time to miss out on any opportunities to get what you want as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  A good agent knows how to price and position a home for the highest perceived value as well as all of the ends and outs of the business and can readily handle any situation that presents itself.

3.  Neighborhood Skills:  Chances are, you will have lots of questions if you are buying a Windsor property, particularly when finding the right neighborhood.  Professional agents know the neighborhoods and will have the most current information and details on comparable sales, which can make a significant cost difference to your purchase.

4.  It’s Who You Know:  Just like trying to find a job today, it’s all about contacts and whom you know.  Good real estate agents have a wealth of networking tools and rely on other agents to find the perfect home for the right buyer.

5.  The Details:  Professional real estate agents know how to handle the volume of paperwork, refer you to the best inspectors, negotiate with the most difficult of sellers and are available to answer your many questions or concerns.

Keep in mind that one simple mistake can cost you thousands of dollars or land you in court.  By hiring a real estate agent for your Windsor property needs, you are giving yourself peace of mind and perhaps a few more dollars in your pocket.

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