Windsor Property For Sale: How to Deal With Wet Basement Issues

Posted in General Blog | 24/04/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

If you are getting ready to put your Windsor property for sale, yet you are having problems with a wet basement, this is an issue that needs to be corrected, as it will pose a great risk to your home’s value. A red warning flag will wave if a potential buyer sees moisture on the floors and walls.  Some causes can be easy to correct, such as cleaning the gutters and keeping gutter water away from the foundation.  But there could be other causes that can derail your chances of selling your Windsor property for sale.  Here are some ways to keep water out of your basement:

1.  Clean Gutters:  As mentioned, by cleaning your gutters a few times a year  will keep leaves from clogging water and running into the foundation.  This is a simple step that will reap benefits.

2.  Downspout:  After cleaning the gutters, if you still notice water is overflowing, you may need to add another downspout.  If unchecked, not only could water lead into basement, but it can also erode soil from under the house footings and the next problem is you will have cracks in your walls and ceilings.  A downspout should extend ten feet from your home, as you want to have the water going away from your Windsor property for sale.

3.  Irrigation:  It’s an idea that not many homeowners think about:  placing irrigation next to the house.  If installing a new system, make sure sprinklers are away from your home.  If this can’t be done, then see if the amount of water can be limited to those sprinklers in question.  Also, a rain gauge is an excellent way to limit excess water should there be plenty of rain and watering is not needed.

4.  Pavement:  It is not uncommon that the water flow can change direction towards the home if your paving has settled over time.  If this has happened, then it may be necessary to have the pavement removed and then replaced so water is directed away from the home.

5.  Check Plumbing:  If your plumbing is not working properly, it could be leaking into the basement.

By correcting the above ground water, you can prevent any moisture from getting into basements.  Buyers looking at Windsor property for sale can immediately tell if a basement is wet due to the dank, musty odor, which means that mold cannot be far behind.  Moisture also makes a great home for termites, so removing water from your Windsor property must be handled immediately.

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