Windsor Property for Sale: Open House Success Strategies!

Posted in General Blog | 07/03/2012

Windsor Property for Sale

Windsor Property for Sale

Ideally, hosting an Open House for your Windsor property for sale should not be a spontaneous event, but rather a well thought out marketing tool that creates an inviting, stress free day for the seller.  So when discussing with your Realtor possible dates for your Open House, give yourself plenty of time to prepare to make that all important first impression for your home.

Once a date has been selected, make sure that you, as well as any children and pets, are gone for the duration of the Open House.  Potential buyers are often distracted when the seller makes his or her presence known and are often reluctant to view the house closely as not to offend the seller.

At least one month prior, here are a few steps you should take to prepare your home for it’s Open House debut.  Remember, these steps can take  time.

1. Make sure that all maintenance issues for your Windsor property for sale are fixed, like leaky faucets, marks on the wall, and any outdoor repairs. An immediate red flag goes up in a buyers mind if they see any minor issues.

2. As I have mentioned over and over again, make sure every room in your house is decluttered.  Store your extra stuff elsewhere as buyers will look into closets and kitchen cabinets to get an idea for space.  The goal is to create a spacious, tidy home.

3.  Make arrangements for professional cleaners to come to the house a day prior to your Open House.  If you are cleaning yourself, give yourself a few days prior to the date to devote plenty of time to give your house a sparkling appearance.

Within one week of the Open House for your Windsor property for sale, be sure and do the following:

1.  Clean the windows to bring in sunlight.  A bright, open house is an immediate good first impression.

2.  Make sure your yard is spic and span, by fertilizing, mowing and watering.  A good recommendation is to mow your lawn two days before the Open House as doing it the morning of the date can stir up allergies for those buyers that suffer from them.

3. Buy a Welcome Mat and display at your front door and plant some seasonal flowers to create excellent curb appeal.

Finally, it’s the day of the Open House for your Windsor property for sale.  Your house is clean, decluttered and smells fresh.  You are ready to go!  Not quite:

1.  Remove all personal items from the shower and store them under the sink.  Clear medications, valuables, checkbook and another other personal information out of the home and place in the trunk of your car or safe.  Unfortunately, on rare occasions, thefts do happen.

2.  Take all kitchen appliances off of the countertops to increase space. Add some fresh fruit to a bowl and place on your table or kitchen island.

3.  Go in the backyard and make sure the pets have been cleaned up after, the BBQ is uncovered and the playstructres are all cleaned.

4.  Open up the curtains and blinds and turn on the lights! Bright, airy homes are the most attractive to buyers.

Preparing for an Open House for your Windsor property for sale is not something you can prepare for in just a day.  It takes thought, preparation and organization.  But by doing these steps, your house will be sold in no time!

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