Windsor Real Estate: 5 Handy Steps To A Better Yard

Posted in General Blog | 13/04/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Now that winter is happily over, Windsor real estate agents are busy finding homes for their clients.  As we all say over and over again, you never get a second chance at a first impression.  Your front yard is an extension of your home, therefore it is necessary to maintain excellent curb appeal so that buyers will not only want to see the inside of your home, they want to see it as soon as possible.  If buyers like what’s on the outside, chances are, they will also enjoy the inside.  Here are some suggestions for creating a home with great curb appeal.  These projects, if needed, don’t take more than a weekend.  You will be surprised at the difference a little landscaping can do.

1.  Fertilize/Seed the Yard.  Now that warmer weather is on the way, it’s time to repair your grass that has taken a beating during the winter.  Professional landscapers suggest fertilizing at least a couple of times a year.  Within a few weeks, your lawn will be healthier, greener and prettier than if you did nothing at all.

2. General Repair:  Windsor real estate agents will tell you that there are many buyers who want the house with the “white picket fence,” so now is the time to go and make that feature stand out. By repairing and painting a wooden fence, you are improving a charming feature of your home. Take the time to also go and fix any broken light fixtures outside your home, repair and/or paint a mailbox if needed or perhaps a gutter that has fallen.  If damages are noticed on the outside of your house, a buyer will only imagine what is happening on the inside.

3.  Trim Bushes and Trees:  Many bushes and trees don’t survive the winter.  Whether than wait to see if they will make a miraculous comeback, it is important to rid your landscape of anything that is dead or dying.  By pruning flowering bushes after they bloom in the spring, ensures new growth as well.

4.  Power wash:  Cleaning your deck and walkways a couple of times a year is an essential part of its maintenance.  At the same time, make sure to inspect the condition of your deck and check for loose boards or nails protruding.  Power washing is the quickest and easiest way to clean your deck. If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one from your hardware store.

5.  Plant Seasonal Flowers.  After a long winter, there isn’t a buyer around that wouldn’t appreciate colorful flowers planted in the front yard.  It’s a cost-effective way to welcome buyers into your home.  Flowers in nice containers or planted along a walkway or surrounding a tree makes all of the difference in a buyers market.

Windsor real estate agents agree that the key is to have your house stand out from the rest. These projects can all be done in a weekend and don’t involve a tremendous amount of money.  It’s the best decision you can make when putting your market on the market.

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