6 Common Mistakes Made By Windsor Home Buyers

Posted in Buyer Blog | 01/03/2011

There are some common mistakes that homebuyers make and Windsor real estate agents see them time and time again. Read through these common mistakes so that you can avoid making them and have a smooth sale.

Unhappy Windsor Home Buyer

Unhappy Windsor Home Buyer

1. Lack of budgeting for insurance. In many instances Windsor home buyers opt for insurance deals to save a few dollars. This can cost first time Windsor home buyers thousands more than the proper insurance if something goes wrong.

2. Not including the proper escape clauses in the initial contract. If you are not careful you could lose your deposit if things go wrong.

3. Making a big purchase just before or during a mortgage application. This can be a big mistake since it may be reflected in your credit score.

4. Failure to have a proper inspection done prior to the purchase. Missing a serious problem with the Windsor home can cost thousands.

5. Not taking care of your credit score. This is a very common mistake amongst first time Windsor home buyers and can make a very significant difference to the interest rate you are charged.

6. Not using a Buyer agent. Many people make the mistake of not working with an experienced Buyer Agent on your side. You can count on having problems if you try to make a purchase on your own. It isn’t worth the risk of operating without an agent since you are dealing with thousands of dollars in one transaction.

These mistakes can be very costly over time and it is worth the effort to make sure that you don’t make them as well. Contact us for more information about Windsor home sales and making a proper purchase.

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