Windsor Real Estate: 7 Great Spring Staging Tips For Your Home

Posted in General Blog | 06/04/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

With spring now officially here, it’s time to get ready for the warmer days ahead now that Windsor real estate is busy with buyers wanting to purchase a home this season.  The key to a successful and quick sale is not only to price your home well, but also to prepare it to stand out from the rest of the homes on the market today.

It is always a good idea to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer.  Now that the cold days of winter are behind us, buyers want to see fresh, sparkling homes.  Here are a few easy and necessary Windsor real estate staging tricks you can do to make buyers want to return for a second visit.

1.  Let the sunshine in by opening your windows, dusting off your blinds and shades for instant brightness.  There isn’t a buyer around who doesn’t want to see a room well-lit.  If it’s raining outside, make sure you leave the lights on.

2.  Take away all winter blankets, throws and any winter accessories or decorations.  Substitute with colorful pillows, bright accessories and light tablecloths.

3.  Chances are, your flooring has taken a beating over the winter.  Clean carpets, polish floors and move all winter shoes, jackets and gloves from view.  Don’t forget to wash down the walls if they are marked with a simple solution of warm water and mild soap.  Don’t scrub, but wash gently.

4.  Make your home shine by giving it a good old-fashioned spring-cleaning.  Get rid of anything you no longer want and organize your closets to show space.  Declutter for a simple, clean look.

5.  Nothing says spring like spring flowers scattered around the home in pretty vases.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but a simple arrangement of tulips next to your bed and on your kitchen table immediately creates a spring-like, peaceful feel.

6.  Don’t forget the outside when using spring flowers.  While many yards are still bare of any foliage, use planters with colorful flowers to greet buyers at your front door.  Don’t forget to set out the welcome mat and tidy up the yard to create a charming curb appeal.

7. Finally, walk through your house one more time and clear off kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks.  Buyers do not want to see your personal appliances or toiletries as it prevents them from imagining their own items in the home.

By following a few of these simple Windsor real estate tips, you will show your buyers that your home is ready for its new owners.

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