Windsor Real Estate Agent: The Secrets to Closing Your Home On Time

Posted in General Blog | 07/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agent

As a Windsor real estate agent, I have seen many closings not happen only because of a few avoidable mistakes.  For sellers, this is not a time to avoid your responsibilities as a homeowner until the buyer signs on the dotted line.

For example, as a seller, if you agree to make repairs, don’t ignore them.  Also, when you do repair, make sure it is done properly.  Buyers who notice cheap jobs, or jobs not done at all during the walk-thru are bound to be upset and can make them lose confidence in the purchase and back out of the sale.

Another pitfall to avoid is ignoring deadlines.  If you have a certain number of days to accept or reject an inspection, then make sure it is done. Not honoring deadlines is a guaranteed way to prolong the closing process and possibly terminating a contract.

It is also important for sellers to recognize that negotiations can still occur even after the price of the house as been agreed upon. As a Windsor real estate agent, I have been involved in many.  Let’s say the home inspection comes up short and there are costly repairs to be made, or the home appraisal came back lower than expected.  Be prepared to negotiate!  Buyers rarely don’t respond to this sort of information.

And finally, make sure you are completely truthful when selling your house.  Do you have any liens on your home?  Are you aware of anything that buyers might find issue with?  Not disclosing this information will certainly stop a deal dead in its tracks so be upfront.

Selling your home is a huge accomplishment!  Quick and hassle free closings are what everyone wants, whether you are a buyer or a seller.  So following these simple steps will ensure that you will be turning over your home keys sooner rather than later.



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