Windsor Real Estate Agent Tells: How to Find the Perfect Retirement Home

Posted in Buyer Blog | 04/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Windsor Real Estate Agent

As your Windsor real estate agent, let me say congratulations!  It’s time to retire!  If you are like many, you are now deciding where you want to move if you want to leave your current home or buy a second one.  Keep in mind, that many people make their biggest retirement mistakes when they try and decide where they want to relocate.  There are several factors to consider to make a decision that is right for you.

1.  Do I want to retire to my new home year round?  Yes, I like to vacation here, but do I want to spend the entire year here?  When you are on vacation, you may not notice any of the downsides to your potential dream location.  Are facilities open year round?  It’s always a good idea to visit your potential new home during the off season.  Also, subscribe or read online the local newspaper to get a feel of what the community is like when you are not there.

2.  The beach is always wonderful, but will I miss the seasons? Surprisingly, many people who move to warm climates, end up moving back home because they miss the familiarities of what they are used to.  Also take into consideration that if the weather changes, can you handle the severe cold or the high humidity?

3.  Am I moving to a tax friendly region?  These are always good considerations when moving and your retirement budget may be tighter than what you are used to.  Many Canadians move to warm climates.  Will this be cost effective to you?

4.  I want to retire abroad!  Keep in mind that there are advantages to living abroad, but consider the affordable cost of living, comfortable climate, health care and access to goods and services.

As a Windsor real estate agent, I am often asked advice regarding retirement relocation.  My answer:  take time to consider where you want to retire.  Whether it be a beach community with active living, a secluded mountain cabin or a motor home traveling the country, do your homework!  You’ve worked hard for your retirement, so make sure you enjoy!

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