Windsor Real Estate Agents Give Helpful Yard Sale Tips

Posted in Selling Blog | 04/08/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

As Windsor Real estate agents, we know that homeowners often have yard sales to get rid of items they won’t be packing and taking with them. This is an excellent way to make a little extra money and get organized.  So here are our suggestions for creating a successful yard sale:

1.  Advertise:  Whether it be through print or online (and don’t forget to advertise to your local friends on Facebook and Twitter) make sure the word is out.  Scatter signs throughout the neighborhood the day of the sale and even create a big sign and place on your car in front of your home with the message:  Yard Sale Here!

2.  Organize:  Make sure your items are carefully organized by category and on tables if possible.  Use a clothesline or rack to hang clothes you are selling. Keep items at eye level.  Many buyers don’t want to bend down to the floor of the garage or driveway to examine an item.

3.  Price with stickers.  Make sure you take the time and mark your price with colorful stickers so buyers can easily see what you are asking.

4.  Sell as much as you possibly can.  The more you sell, the less you pack.  If you know you are not going to take an item with you, then negotiate to your hearts content.

5.  If you have items that you know are worth little, offer them for free.  People love free items, and it’s also a great way to bring in customers.  Advertise by setting up a small toys or knick knack area with a sign that says “Free.”  You can also offer coffee for those early morning start times.

6.  If you are selling electrical items, let a buyer see if it works.  While you may think a lamp works, a buyer will want to plug it in to see, so be prepared with extension cords or an outlet if necessary.

7.  Your trash is someone else’s treasure. Even if you think something won’t sale, you may be surprised!  Windsor real estate agents have heard all kinds of stories of what has sold much to the pleasure and amazement of all!

8.  At the last hour, put whatever is left on the curb and say “Free.”  At the end, you just really want to get rid of it don’t you?

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