Windsor Real Estate Agents Say What Repairs Should Never Be Ignored

Posted in General Blog | 09/08/2013

Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor Real Estate Agents

As any and all Windsor real estate agents will tell you, whether you are a new homeowner or have been one for several years, there is no doubt that owning a home means regular repairs and maintenance.  However, there are some chores that must not be overlooked or delayed as they can cause more serious costly problems in the long run.

Here are the repairs or responsibilities you should never ignore:

1.  Keeping careful records of appliances.

When you buy a new appliance, make sure that you keep careful records and fill out all registration papers so you can be notified if there should there ever be a recall.  Faulty appliances can catch on fire causing death, injuries and devastating property damage.  Periodically check websites that list recent recalls and make sure your appliance is not one of them.  If it is, then get it repaired immediately.

2.  Water leaks:

You may find this hard to believe, but it is true: water can do more damage to a home than anything else.  A simple leak can turn into a much bigger mess and create mildew, mold, rot, termites and other pests.  It can create problems with your foundation, your roof of course, basements and attics.  It can ruin flooring, wood cabinets and the list simply goes on.  If you see a water leak, even a small stain on the ceiling, get it checked immediately.  One client not too long ago noticed what they thought was a small insect on their ceiling.  The next day, this so called “bug” was clearly a water stain that had grown to the size of a nickel.  By the end of the week it was the size of a plate.  Because they waited, when a plumber was able to come out, a large part of their ceiling had to be removed and the wood frame was showing evidence of rapid mold growth.  So keep an eye out for anything that suggests itself to a water problem.

3.  Periodically seal your hardwood flooring.

Every so often, hardwood flooring will need to be refinished, but it’s important to do it before the old finish is worn off.  This simply maintains the flooring and keeps it looking like new for much longer.  If you think you will ever sell your home, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular features buyers requests, so one that is in good to excellent condition can reflect on your listing price and may very well entice a buyer to make an offer more quickly.

4.  Cracks

While minor cracks may very well mean nothing, more serious cracks can indicate a problem with your foundation – and this is one of the most expensive repairs for your property.  Most homeowners aren’t aware that they have a crumbling foundation until they notice major cracks or they are getting their home inspected and it comes up in the report.  Take time out once a year to walk around and look at your foundation.  Is water from your gutters sloping into your foundation?  Do you notice any water issues with your basement walls?  Make sure no excess water is pooling, which again, encourages mold and rot, not to mention bugs and termites.  Also, determine that the soil around your home slopes away from the foundation walls.  By taking the time to investigate this issue, you could be preventing further damage.

4.  Replace fire alarm batteries twice a year:

Every six months make sure you replace your fire alarm batteries and not only that, check them to see if they work.  This is a simple thing to do but surprisingly, not everyone thinks about this safety issue.

5.  Replace roof shingles when needed:

images-8Not too long ago, a homeowner needed to sell their property quickly however, it was apparent that their roof had seen better days.  Fortunately, they were able to get it repaired without replacing, however, if the owners would have regularly maintained their roof, it would not have cost them the several thousand dollars to replace worn shingles, powerwash and treat their roof for moss and mildew. They were also fortunate that water did not pool under their roof or under shingles that would have caused serious water damage.

So regardless of your home’s age, make sure that you regularly maintain your property.  It will not only save you worry, stress and lots of money, but also can help you when it’s time to sell your home.

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