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Posted in General Blog | 13/01/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

It has been said, and there is no doubt, that approximately 90 percent of all buyers use the Internet as part of their Windsor real estate search.  In fact, most of the buyers who walk into our office today have already visited various websites and have an idea on the top of home they would like to consider.  What is amazing about this?  Only 4 percent of the number of people looking for homes went to an open house before meeting with a real estate agent.

And the numbers are only going to increase.  Buyers are using the Internet in record numbers, so sellers should consider this when listing their home with an agent, as you want to ensure that your home is properly profiled and exposed.

What do buyers want to see when they are looking for homes online?

1.  Photos:

While you would think this would be fairly straightforward, you just can’t post any photo.  This is the very first glimpse most buyers will see of your home.  This is where they will make the decision whether to visit your home or not.  Therefore, you need at least 10 high quality photos so buyers have a good representation of what your home is like.  If you put just a few up, buyers will assume, whether correctly or not, that something is wrong with your property.  They may think it’s a fixer upper or any number of things when chances are, your home could be perfectly fine.  Buyers think if you don’t take the time to have good photos online, then you can’t be bothered with any other details.  It cannot be underestimated how important good photos are when selling your home.

2.  Detailed property information:

It’s always a good idea to include as much detail as possible while highlighting on those features that you know will be popular with buyers.  If you have a recently renovated kitchen, then say it!  If you have a large lot in an award-winning school district, then it’s important this is included as well.  In other words, don’t leave out anything that buyers should know so that they feel motivated to make an appointment to see your home.

3.  Virtual Tours:

There is no reason to produce a video that is over the top, with lots of music and graphics.  There are many software programs you can use, or you can simply videotape your property while providing details if necessary.  This allows buyers a comprehensive view of the property.  You can upload on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.

4.  Neighbourhood information:

Providing property description should also devote a detailed paragraph or two about your community, location and other amenities.  Another good idea is to create a page with links to various services your neighbourhood offers.  Giving the buyers information at their fingertips shows that you are going the extra mile in selling not only your property, but your hometown as well.  Buyers will appreciate this.

5.  Hire a real estate agent with social media:

If you don’t hire a real estate agent that uses social media, one that has their own website and other accounts, then you are ignoring 90 percent of the buyers.  Work with your agent to find out who your target audience is and work together to have a unified message.

Other good things about social media:

1.  It’s a great way to advertise for free.

2.  You can respond to questions quickly.

3.  It’s 24/7.  This means that buyers can look at your property any time of the day, any day of the week because the Internet never closes.

4.  It gets the word out faster than print advertising.

Buyers don’t like to wait.  Gone are the days where they will go out and get the Sunday paper to look over real estate.  Buyers like to get answers to their questions quickly, and thanks to social media and the Internet, this is possible.  Therefore, if your home is not prominently featured, then a buyer could very well be slow in noticing your home.

Be sure that you update your information frequently.  For example, if your home has been for sale since summer, update with winter photos of your property.  If your school district was just declared an award in excellence, include that as well.  If you drop your price, then be sure and update.

By creating and sharing quality content regarding your home, you are giving it a higher profile and making it easier for buyers to contact their agent to view your home. As social media is now in the hands of most everyone of all ages, it’s allows your property to be exposed to a whole new audience.





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