Windsor Real Estate For Sale: Insiders Tips for Selling Vacant Homes

Posted in General Blog | 10/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate for Sale

Windsor Real Estate for Sale

One of the first rules in Windsor real estate for sale: clean out all of the clutter in the home you are selling.  It’s been said over and over again that by taking out personal items, your home will show better.  It is ironic then that vacant homes take longer to sell because they don’t show as well.  You would think a vacant home would allow a buyer to imagine all of his furnishings in the home without the personality of the seller being an issue.

But unfortunately, this is not so for a variety of reasons.  Without furniture, vacant homes appear smaller.  Not only that, every mark on the wall or stain on a carpet is visible. Walking into an empty, bare home also can send the message that the seller is desperate and will accept a low offer.  These are some of the reasons why vacant homes are typically sold for less than occupied homes and why they stay on the market longer.

But as many sellers and real estate agents know, there are times where it is necessary to move your belongings from your Windsor real estate for sale.  Whether it be a job offer in another town, or you want to move to start in a new school district, there are many reasons why selling a vacant home is unavoidable.

Here are a few tips to selling your vacant home:

1.  Keep your utilities on.  This is very important.  There is nothing appealing about walking into a home with no heat and no electricity.  No buyer wants to look at a home with a flashlight.  Keep your temperature at a comfortable level.  Also, leave lights on during the day.  Perhaps a trusted neighbor can be responsible for turning them on in them morning and off in the evening.  You want your buyer to feel welcome when they walk in the door.

2.  Leave some furniture behind.  A partially furnished home is better than vacant.  This gives buyers a sense of proportion.  If this can’t be done, then consider renting furniture for a few key rooms:  a small sofa and end tables in the family room, a queen-sized bed in the master room.  It’s always nice to have a few artificial plants and perhaps a few little accessories as well.

3.  If you have the funds, hire a professional stager.  Again, not every room needs to be furnished, but stagers know how to bring out the best in every home.  Fees vary, but it might be the best money you have ever spent.

Taking these important steps ensures that your Windsor real estate for sale will move forward.



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