Windsor Real Estate Gives Advice On Moving During The Holidays:

Posted in Buyer Blog | 16/12/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

At Windsor real estate, we know that moving can be emotional.  In yesterday’s post, we discussed what sellers must complete to the property once it is sold, such as cleaning steps and attending the final walk-through among other things.

But moving during the holidays is particularly hard.  It’s an emotional time, as well as a hectic period.  Not only are you packing, cleaning then turning around and doing it all over again with your new property, but you may also be preparing for the holidays and trying to create as normal a time for your family as possible.

We have discussed this issue before, but it bears repeating.  If you find yourself away from everything that is familiar this time of the year, then here are some suggestions to make the experience a little easier.

1.  Keep a few familiar things nearby.

If you have holiday mementos that mean a lot to you, then store in a special box and mark it to be unpacked first.  For example, some people have cherished Christmas tree ornaments and it wouldn’t seem like Christmas if these weren’t hanging on the tree.  Once these are removed from the moving truck, you can store until you are ready to decorate.  This saves time from looking through every box marked “Holiday Decorations.”

2.  Invite new neighbours over, school friends.

If you are new to an area and do not know a soul, ask neighbours to pop over for an Open House for a chance to meet and get to know them.  I know of a client with school children that invited mothers from her child’s new classroom over for an informal holiday coffee and cookies.  She didn’t care that boxes were still unpacked as she just wanted to meet new parents and establish some friendships and play dates for her daughter during the upcoming school break.

3.  Discover your new town’s holiday traditions:

If you are feeling lonely, then by all means, take a day, forget the unpacking, and discover your new community.  Chances are, there will be some exciting holiday decorations, a community play or tree lighting or maybe a concert event.  Take a walk through the park with a cup of coffee or maybe try one of the exciting new restaurants.

4.  Create a movie night with the family:

Chances are, your family is feeling out of place as well.  With new schools, friends and neighbourhood, it’s normal for children to crave normalcy.  So rent some family favorite holiday movies, pop some corn, or maybe throw a blanket in front of the television and have pizza while enjoying one of the many movies available this time of year.

5.  Listen to great music:

No matter what, music makes you feel good.  It can also be a memory inducer as it can take us back to a cherished time and place.  Play your favourite songs loud, and if the mood strikes, then dance around your new home.  Research shows that this is a great way to improve your spirits.  And get the family involved.  Nothing is better than laughing and dancing all together!

6.  Cook your favourite foods:

If you have holiday favourites, then by all means, take the time to prepare and indulge.  Forget about those diets and create the meals that you love and remember.  The aroma that will fill the house will be a great reminder that traditions follow us everywhere.

7.  Call a friend:

Keep in touch with friends and family.  Send pictures of your new home and let them know what is happening in your life.  It’s understandable that this is a busy and crazy time of the year, but everyone in your old hometown really want to know how you are doing.  By filling them in on your new experiences, you are keeping everyone in the loop.

8.  Simplify:

If you have only been in your home for a matter of days, think about simplifying your normal traditions.  Concentrate on those rituals that mean the most to you and your family.  If you normally have a big Christmas Eve dinner, maybe this year just do a simple buffet and eat casually around the kitchen while the children write their letter to Santa.  Or if you are used to baking cookies but right now your kitchen mixer is in a box somewhere, use already prepared cookie dough and line up decorations to make each cookie different.  Regardless, keep it simple and as stress free as possible.  This is the time of year to regroup.

9.  Stay positive:

Finally, if moving during the holidays, stay positive, especially if you have children.  It’s okay to mix up the rules, stray from holiday traditions or downscale if needed.  The point is, to settle in your new home and community and remember what the holidays are all about.

With the right attitude, this could be your best holiday ever.


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