Windsor Real Estate: Helpful Hints When Selling Your Home in Winter

Posted in General Blog | 24/01/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Selling Windsor real estate in the winter can be challenging.  It is cold, icy, dark and dreary.  While certainly not the best of conditions, it’s also a good time to show off your home’s nice ambiance. Here are a few of my suggestions in creating a warm, welcoming environment that can take the chill off and get your home sold.

1.  Remember first impressions count for Windsor real estate. Start with the outside of the home.  Clear snow and ice off of all paths, steps and driveways.  Make it easy for the buyer and his agent to get around safely.  Keep a shovel and an ice-melting product nearby.  The last thing you want is to have interested buyers injuring themselves on your property!

2.  Once inside, have your buyer be greeted with a warm, comfortable home.  Don’t have the temperature too high, but certainly enough where the buyer can look at your home in comfort.  Keep all vents open so the buyer can doesn’t think there are heating problems.  This is not the time to try and cut down on your heating bill.

3. Leave the lights on!  This is always important as Windsor real estate buyers do not want to walk into a dark home trying to find the light fixtures.  This is a not a pleasant way to start the home tour so leave your house well lit as this will welcome a buyer into your home.  Again, this is not the time to save on your electric bill!

4.  Candles and a fire in the fireplace are also welcoming signs for a buyer who has been out in the cold looking for homes.  Of course, it is not wise to leave a home with anything burning, but if you are close by, then consider this to create an ambiance that will be truly appreciated and remembered.

5. Leave a rug by the front door for buyers to wipe their feet.  This is very important, as the last thing you want is a dirty, wet carpet.  You may ask that potential buyers take off their shoes, however, many buyers do not like to do that.  Go and purchase some inexpensive rugs to put by the front and back doors to make it easier on everyone.

Taking a few minutes to create a welcoming ambiance for your Windsor real estate may be the best steps you make in selling your home.

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