Windsor Real Estate: How to Interview an Agent

Posted in Buyer Blog | 24/09/2014

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Finding a real estate agent is easy.  Finding a good real estate agent who specializes in Windsor real estate takes a bit more time, but the extra work is well worth it.  When the time comes to select a real estate agent, it is important to  interview three reputable agents from three different real estate companies.  Here are some smart questions that should be at the top of your list:

1.  How long have you been selling Windsor real estate?

2.  How many homes did you sell last year?

3.  What are your experiences selling homes in the neighborhood I want to purchase my home?

4.  Can you provide me with at least three recent references?

5.  Do you have your own real estate website?

6.  How will we communicate?

7.  (Seller) How do you determine a buyer is qualified to buy my home?

8.  What is your fee structure?  Why?

9.  (Seller)  How will you market my home?

10.  (Seller) Once an offer has been accepted, will you be there when the home inspector is doing his work?

11.  (Buyer) How will you find the home I desire?

12.  (Buyer) How do you handle multiple offers?

13.  (Buyer) Will you present my offer yourself?

14. (Seller)How do you determine market value?

Needless to say, these are important, general questions that should always be asked when considering Windsor real estate.  However, you may also have your own.  It is also necessary to follow up with references as well as ask family, friends or co-workers about the potential agent you are considering.   Keep in mind, that a good agent should be asking you questions as well to better understand your needs and requirements.

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