Windsor Real Estate: How to Keep The Bugs Away

Posted in General Blog | 08/04/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

As Windsor real estate is now busy with the spring real estate season, you many find it interesting that we are already thinking about summer, another busy time to sell homes.  As the days grow warmer and longer and buyers are in and out of your home, it’s necessary to be on top of the bug problem should your home be a target for ants, yellow jackets and mosquitoes.  If you don’t want to hire an exterminator, then try some of these tips to make sure your back yard is pest free.

Ants:  If you see a trail of ants, then either there is a picnic close by, or it’s summer time.  If you would like to get rid of them naturally, then note that ants will not cross lines made of salt, baby powder, chalk or cinnamon.  If you want to get more serious, you can spread borax (watch for other animals) or cream of wheat around the ant hills.  The ants will it this and they will dry up.

Yellow Jackets:  If you have a swarm of yellow jackets or wasps surrounding your Windsor real estate, this is one thing you need to control as they can sting a person over and over.  Not a good impression for a potential buyer.  First, make sure that all of your food is covered, including garbage cans. One easy defense is to fill a soda bottle with fruit juice and leave on your patio.  Of course, you will want to remove this before a home showing.  If you need a stronger defense, find the nest and spray the entrance with any wasp spray.  Use one that has a projectile spray and many say it is best to do this procedure when the day is cooler as more likely the wasps will be inside their nest.  Once you can determine the wasps have been killed, it is safe to remove the nest.

Mosquitoes:  Probably the biggest nuisances are the mosquitoes so it is important to be aggressive in getting rid of these pests and prevent them from hatching.  First thing to do is get rid of any standing water, as that is where they breed.  Birds love mosquitoes so fill bird feeders to attract bug-eating birds.  Not only that, a bird feeder is a nice feature for a back yard.  Other ideas are spraying eucalyptus oil around your patio or lighting citronella candles as the smoke repels mosquitoes.  Of course, using DEET is a more aggressive form of getting rid of these bugs.  However, this is not recommended with families of young children.  Talk with your real estate agent if you have concerns.

By freeing your Windsor real estate backyard from these summer pests, you are creating a more comfortable and enjoyable back yard experience during the upcoming hot and humid days.

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