Windsor Real Estate: Is Your House Search Taking Too Long?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 28/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Keep in mind when searching for your Windsor Real Estate, it is quality that counts, not quantity. Many buyers feel it is necessary to visit every home for sale in their price range but this can only confuse and exhaust rather than help buyers reach a final decision.

So take a few suggestions from a seasoned real estate agent about how to find a home without getting so beaten down that you end up buying something out of frustration.

1.  If you are buying a home with your spouse, make sure both of you know exactly what you want.  While you don’t have to agree on everything, make a list of what is important to each of you and what you are not willing to compromise.

2. If purchasing Windsor real estate on your own, be careful when inviting friends, parents or anyone else to look at homes with you.  Many times, a client may love a home until they hear the opinions of others.  This can leave a buyer frustrated and overwhelmed.  Pay attention to what you want and don’t let others make your decisions for you.

3.  Make a list of “must haves” “not necessary but nice” and “no way!”

In your “must have” list, include everything that you must absolutely have in your new home.  For example: Two bathrooms.  A large backyard.  Excellent school district.  Two Car Garage.

“Not necessary but nice” includes all items you would like, but they are not deal breakers.   Home office.  Walk in closet.  Hard wood floors.  Remember, many of these items you can add on your own at a later time.

“No Way” is a list of all items that you absolutely, positively do not want in your home.  Swimming pool.  Busy road.  Long commute to work.

Make sure your agent is aware of your list, as this will cut out a lot of wasted time not only for your agent to search for homes, but for you to go and see as well.

4.  Finally, narrow down the neighborhood you want to move to. Is it important that you live in a home close to your family?  A particular school district?  Walking distance to shopping?

Give yourself a deadline and stay focused.  Ask yourself after viewing a few homes which one you prefer.  If one house is your obvious favorite, then forget about the others.

By staying in your price range in a neighborhood you desire and keeping your list close by, finding Windsor real estate will be a more enjoyable experience rather than one that keeps you up at night.

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