Windsor Real Estate: Key Things Home Owners Should Know Before Selling

Posted in General Blog | 25/03/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

As mentioned several times throughout this Windsor real estate website, spring is a popular time for homeowners to sell their home.  So as the rush begins, it’s important, once again, for sellers to have a good idea of the current housing market and to understand exactly what buyers are expecting as they look for a home.

For the eager Windsor real estate seller, it is critical they accept the reality of today’s home market. Unfortunately most homes are not immune from the heavy price declines that have affected our industry in the past several years. However, many sellers don’t believe it is necessary to price their home competitively for a variety of reasons.  Maybe they have remodeled, put in new landscaping or both. Because of these improvements, they deny that their homes have lost any value.  Unfortunately, in most cases, this is simply not true.  Home prices have not made up what they have lost since the housing market crisis began, and chances are, they won’t for a while.  Therefore, sellers must divorce themselves from the home they have lived in and remodeled.  If a home needs to be sold quickly, then sellers must make rational and hard decisions about what their home can realistically sale for.

While sellers are often loathe to hear this, to determine a fair and reasonable price, it is necessary to look at what other homes have sold for in the neighborhood.  Many sellers wonder why the foreclosed house down the street should be included in price comparisons especially when there curb appeal home is so much better and not even in the same ballpark. While your feelings are justified, unfortunately, that’s not the way the real estate industry works.  Well informed buyers will have a clear idea on what homes are going for in your neighborhood, and many won’t pay a penny more than what the what the market indicates.  There are just too many choices and bargains out there.  If you still feel it is unacceptable to sell your home at a fairer price, then there could be a chance your home will sit on the market longer.

This is not to say that there are not exceptions to the rule.  By hiring a professional Windsor real estate agent to assist you in developing a competitive marketing plan while targeting potential buyers, you can be assured that the goal is to get your home sold for the best price and the least amount of time.

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