Windsor Real Estate: Let’s Move! Part 2

Posted in Buyer Blog | 20/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

It’s countdown time for your Windsor Real Estate move-in day!  As discussed in the last blog, moving can be very stressful.  Here are some steps to take in the final weeks of your anticipated moving date!

1.  Give notice:  Thirty days prior to moving, give your landlord 30 days notice if you are a renter.  Make sure you give this in writing and discuss what is necessary to get your deposit refunded.

2.  If you are moving yourself, make reservations to rent moving trucks if necessary.  If you plan on using a moving service, interview three reputable companies and make arrangements.  Remember to get everything in writing and file with your notebook.

3.  Contact schools:  Make the necessary arrangements to transfer school records and get pertinent information on new schools via their websites.   While gathering this information, if you are moving out of Windsor real estate, contact your current medical professionals and let them know you are moving.  Sign all medical transfer information so when you locate a new doctor your records can be immediately sent.  Also remember to renew and fill all prescriptions if needed.

4.  Run all last minute errands.  Imagine in the middle of moving day that you realized you forgot to pick up the last of your dry cleaning?  Have a library book that needs to be returned?  Make a list of the little things you need to accomplish and spend one day prior to moving to finish these tasks.  You will have a huge weight off of your shoulders knowing that you have left nothing undone.

5.  Provide change of address to creditors and cancel services.  Contact your newspaper, trash pickup, lawn help, health club, etc., to cancel.  Notify your credit card companies, banks as well that you are moving.

Finally, be sure and remember to include your children in your moving adventures.  Let them pick out new items for their room if necessary.  Take them by their new schools and meet their teacher prior to the first day and involve them with the fun activities.  This is an anxious time for them as well.

While this checklist is certainly not complete for your Windsor real estate move, it can assist you in making sure that you are starting off on the right foot when moving to your new home!

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