Windsor Real Estate: Let’s Move! Part One

Posted in Buyer Blog | 19/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

The happiest day for a Windsor real estate agent is when your clients are handed over the keys to their new home!  It’s always exciting to see that after months of hard work, from dealing with banks, sellers, open houses and traveling through many homes, buyers are finally rewarded with the home of their dreams.

But moving can create a whole new level of stress.  The best way to avoid this is to be as organized as possible.  Whether you are hiring a moving company, or doing it yourself, follow these simple guidelines to create a well-organized move.

1.  Make a calendar.  While you can do this online, remember that you will want to print it out to carry with you especially if your computer will be packed for several days.  Mark the date you are moving and which days you cannot work on moving.  Looking at the remaining days, schedule what days you will be packing what room.

2.  Use a notebook for all of your Windsor real estate needs: phone numbers, plans, notes, and contact information.  Attach your checklist, which should include reminders such as turning off or transferring utilities, cable, school information, hiring a mover, reserving a moving truck etc.  to your notebook for easy referral.  If you have lots of paperwork, use an accordion style folder and refer to as needed.

3.  Don’t pack important documents, medicines or any paperwork that you may need.  Purchase a lockbox at any hardware store to secure this information and keep in a safe location.  Also, make copies of important documents, and keep with a family member for safe keeping.  You just never know if something will get misplaced.

4.  Schedule a garage sale if you plan on getting rid of items you no longer need.  Then schedule a day or however many you need, to go room by room to tag what you no longer want.

5.  Designate a “Move Headquarters” in your home to store packing supplies (if you are moving yourself).  Use standard moving sized boxes as opposed to stray boxes you pick up at grocery stores for your Windsor real estate needs.

My next blog entry will focus on what to do in the few weeks prior to your move.

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