Windsor Real Estate Listing: How to Sell a Home with Pool

Posted in General Blog | 18/02/2012

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Selling a home with a pool that is part of your Windsor Real Estate Listing can often take some extra work, as swimming pools for many are not a selling point, but rather a liability.  On average, homes with pools take longer to sell.  Of course, buyers have a variety of reasons for not wanting a pool.  They may have young children and have safety concerns.  Also, the cost and maintenance of a pool can often scare potential buyers away.

For other buyers though, a pool may be a strong selling point.  While this is good news, it is safe to say that buyers will walk away if the pool is not in tiptop shape.  Therefore, to make your pool stand out to interested buyers or even those who may be on the fence, it is important to make your backyard as attractive as possible.

Before putting your Windsor real estate listing on the market, make your pool look as appealing as possible.  Make sure that the tile and the pool are in outstanding condition.  Get rid of all water stains and make necessary repairs.  Make sure the pool water is sparkling clean and all materials are stored safely away.  Keep all debris out of the pool and update worn, tired and dirty patio furniture with new. Of course, do-it-yourself staging is always a good idea, particularly if it is during the summer months.  Add a nice tray with summer glasses on a table to remind buyers that they are looking at great outdoor entertaining!  Add some lighting if needed and some potted plants with seasonal flowers.

Finally, talk to your real estate agent to see if they have a specific marketing plan for selling your Windsor real estate listing regarding homes with pools.  Do they have a proven sale strategies?  If they do, it will make finding a buyer easier for your home.

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