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Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/07/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Buyers are often very excited when they start looking at Windsor real estate.  With all of the great properties out there, homes are getting many second and third appointments from eager buyers.  As many of my clients know, I am a big on buyers making lists because often in the excitement of seeing a new property, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to go home and forget some of the details regarding a home they liked.

I have listed some common questions that buyers may want to ask at each home they visit.  It’s important they write down the important information and take photos to review later.

1.  Will I have room to grow in this property?

Buyers today are looking at Windsor real estate to live in for the long run.  As I mentioned, we are not seeing many that want to buy a home for the short-term.  Rather, the majority of our clients want to live in a home for several years.  So ask yourself if this particular property will suit your needs for the next 5 years or so.

2.  How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for buyers to go home after looking at houses all day, and forget how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in a home that they liked.  Also, it’s good to note if any bedrooms are suitable for home offices if that is important to you, or guest quarters.

3.  Any major flaws?

If you notice cracks in the walls, floors that don’t appear level or any issues in the driveway or garage floors, be sure and make note of these problems.  Also, write down if you see any water stains on the ceiling or noticeable leaking.  Of course, hiring an inspector will confirm if any of these problems are serious.

4.  Are the appliances in good working order?

Buyers are often reluctant to try out the appliances or turn on the faucets to check water pressure.  But by all means, don’t hesitate!  Once again, write down anything that concerns you. Again, an inspector will determine if there are any problems, but there is no reason you shouldn’t see if everything is operating correctly.

5.  What do you think of the floor plan?

If an open floor plan is what you want in Windsor real estate? Maybe you prefer a more traditional space.  Is it important that the master bedroom be upstairs, or would you like to be downstairs?  Again, write it down.

6.  Will the furniture fit?

When you walk into a home that you like, make it a point to see how your furniture will fit into your space.  Will you need to buy more?  Or maybe do you have too much?  I always suggest buyers bring a tape measure because empty rooms can look larger than they really are.  I have had many buyers who discovered on moving day that their king sized bed is too large for their bedroom.

7.  How is the storage space?

Buyers today want storage space.  With newer Windsor homes, you will usually find lots of room to store your belongings, however, older homes often lack space.  If you are a first time home buyer, chances are you will be accumulating a lot of extra stuff as the years go on.  So having lots of storage space is critical.

8.  Think about the house in good and bad weather.

images-6When buyers look at home during the summer, they often forget to think what the home will be like in the winter.  In Windsor, our winters are cold, so that home you like on top of the hill may look great this month, but in January, will you be able to drive safely down the driveway?  And while you may like the swimming pool in the backyard, it does require lots of upkeep, so will you be willing to maintain the pool?

9.  Why is the homeowner selling?

Homeowners sell their property for a variety of reasons.  Maybe they are having financial difficulties, or perhaps they have been transferred or downsizing.  Some may be highly motivated, but others don’t feel a particular rush.  Hopefully, your real estate agent will know why the Windsor real estate you want to make an offer on is for sale.  This can certainly determine where you should start your bidding.

The goal for buyers is when it’s time to make an offer, that they find a home they can be happy in for many years.  While compromises are almost always made, don’t make changes that you don’t think you can live with.

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