Windsor Real Estate: What to Do With Your Eyesore Neighbor

Posted in General Blog | 21/02/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Let’s say you have done everything right when getting your Windsor real estate ready as you prepare to put your home on the market.  Your home has excellent curb appeal and you have gone to the expense of staging the inside of your home.  But what if the one thing holding you back is the one thing you can’t control: The eyesore next door neighbor whose home is run down and sitting on a pile of weeds.

Unfortunately, this situation occurs in all sorts of neighborhoods and no one is immune to neighbors such as these. What is troublesome is that rundown homes next door can bring down the value of your home as much as ten percent.  Ouch!

What can be done?  Do you have any recourse with your Windsor real estate when you are next door to such a property?  First, discover the situation.  Is your neighbor financially unable to keep up with the condition of their home?  Did they suffer a job loss or have health issues?  If you feel comfortable talking to your neighbors about this, then arrange a friendly meeting and discuss with them your moving plans.  See if they are able or willing to make some improvements, such as clearing the weeds. If they financially cannot make any changes, and you have the money, your fallback position is to make what improvements you are able.  This is never a fun way to spend your money, but in the long run it may end up saving you even more.

But what if your neighbors simply don’t care about how their house looks? This is more difficult and chances are, a conversation with them will not help and only aggravate them.  Check with your city about code issues and see if your neighbor’s property falls into any violations.  This can be a slow moving process depending where in Windsor real estate you live, but it may be worth pursuing.

Eyesores can be everywhere as well, not just the house next door.  Living in a neighborhood close to industrial areas where businesses have closed down, or a liquor store has set up shop down the street from where you live, can all factor in when setting a selling price for your home.

Keep in mind that not all buyers for Windsor real estate avoid purchasing homes next to eyesores if the rest of the neighborhood looks good.  Perhaps your home is near excellent schools, or within walking distance to public transportation.  Play up the good parts of your home and its location. If your home has many enviable qualities, the eyesore neighbor might not be an issue or a small one at best.

A creative real estate agent can help you market your home to reach those buyers that may enjoy living in an eclectic neighborhood.  Remember, while it may take longer to find them, buyers are out there for almost every type of home.

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