Windsor Realtor: Absolute Best Home Buying Tips Part One

Posted in Buyer Blog | 05/03/2012

Windsor Realtor

Windsor Realtor

As a Windsor Realtor, I notice that buyers are often given all kinds of advice from family and friends regarding their upcoming home purchase.  While this can be helpful, it can also be quite confusing.  The best advice I can give my clients is to pay closer attention to your Windsor Realtor when seeking answers to the many questions you will undoubtedly have.  As professionals, many of us have been in this business for years and have seen the highs and lows of the real estate market.  Here is some of the best advice I give my clients:

1.  Get Pre-approved For A Loan:  This gives you a head start with other buyers looking for homes in your area as sellers will take your offer more seriously than from those buyers who do not have a letter from their bank. Also, it gives your real estate agent a clear idea on what you can afford.

2.  Don’t Overwhelm Your Search with Too Many Homes:  Many buyers think they must look at every home in their price range so they can be certain of their final choice.  But this rarely works out, especially in a market where there are many homes for sale.  Let your real estate agent narrow your list based on your absolute must-haves.

3.  Keep Your Mind Open:  Be realistic when searching for your new home.  As a Windsor Realtor I often watched as clients are hesitant to see a house that they normally wouldn’t consider, only to fall in love with it.

4.  Home Inspections Are A Must!  Yes, as a Windsor Realtor, let me repeat:  Home inspections are critical and a necessary step that you should always take.  Costly problems have been discovered more times that I can count.  Often times, a seller will repair or drop the price of the home based on the inspector’s findings.  In the long run, this will save you time, money and grief.

5.  Ask Questions:  My team and I are always available to answer any questions that you may have.  We thoroughly educate our buyers on the entire process every step of the way however, there will always be questions. Day.  Never hesitate to ask.

6.  Make Your Best Offer First!  The real estate market is improving.  There is fierce competition out there for many homes, so it is always best to make your best offer first.  The days of haggling are over when a seller is receiving multiple offers.  Review the list of comparable sales and make an educated, fair, realistic offer.

Being a Windsor Realtor for over 25 years I have been involved in countless real estate transactions.  These are just a few of my pieces of advice.  I will be suggesting more in my next article.

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