Windsor Realtor: Insider Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Yard

Posted in General Blog | 30/03/2012

Windsor Realtor

Windsor Realtor

After a long, cold winter, everyone, especially your Windsor Realtor, welcomes the warmer, longer days of spring.  Even spring-cleaning sounds good as we rid our homes of the stuffy days of winter.  Now that your Windsor home is on the market, and the ice has melted, it’s time to take a good look at your landscaping and prepare your yard for spring.

As your Windsor Realtor, let me suggest a few ways to get your landscaping ready while creating a curb appeal that will leave buyers ready to knock on your door.

1.  Eliminate All Debris:  The winter often leaves our yards looking like a war zone.  After months of snow, wind and rain, trees and landscaping look battered and worn. Clean up all scattered branches, sticks and litter.  Trim your trees of any hanging branches as well and check to see if any have found their way on your roof top. If necessary, hire a professional tree trimmer.

2.  Clear All Dead Leaves:  In order for your lawn to thrive, it needs to get sunlight.  Rake all leaves and twigs from your yard, including your garden beds.

3.  Remove Dead Plants:  Unfortunately, many plants don’t often survive the winter.  To a buyer, seeing dead plants is not the most pleasing way to see a home for the first time.  Replace any dead bushes and cut back any damaged hedges.

4.  Clean Out Gutters:  At some point, after an offer has been made on your home, an inspector will check out your gutters among other things.  As a Windsor Realtor, I strongly suggest you do the work now and have them cleaned out and properly inspected.  If there are any parts hanging or need to be replaced, hire a professional who can handle it quickly and properly.  There are many companies that offer attractive spring deals and are usually available quickly.

5.  Create Curb Appeal:  Now that your yard is rid of any debris, it’s time to look and see what can be done to create a more attractive curb appeal for buyers.  Even if you didn’t plant fall bulbs, you can purchase spring flowers like tulips or daffodils at your local garden store and plant in planters near your front door.  Add some other spring flowers, like petunias, around borders, tree trunks and window boxes if you have them.  Just make sure they are planted in the proper location if they need a certain amount of sunlight.

Spending a weekend cleaning up your yard and getting it ready for potential buyers will reward you in the days ahead.

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