Windsor Realtor: What’s the Number 1 Rule in Real Estate?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/02/2012

Windsor Realtor

Windsor Realtor

As your Windsor realtor, you have probably heard me utter what every other real estate agent utters:  “Location, Location, Location!”  This is probably the number one rule in real estate though you would be surprised at how often this piece of advice is ignored.  When considering a move, buyers should always pay attention to location as trying to sell a home later in a less desirable neighborhood can take longer and affect your ultimate sales price.

So, what constitutes a good location?  The best spots are those that find themselves in top rated school districts.  This is almost always the number one criteria for families moving into a neighborhood.  Oftentimes buyers will make top bids in their home offer just to get in into the right schools. The first homes parents/buyers will always ask to see are those in a top school district.  Always.

Other important factors coming from your Windsor realtor: Neighborhoods that have a reputation for maintaining the values in their homes are also popular with buyers.  Pride of ownership, pristine landscaping, and a traditional neighborhood feeling are areas where clients like to focus their energy.  Neighborhoods that have traditionally maintained their reputations through the years never go out of style and are sought after by buyers.

“Location, Location, Location” means finding a home in areas near entertainment, shopping, public transportation, health care and jobs.  Long commutes, traffic, and the possibility of being far from emergency services do not appeal to most buyers.  Homes within walking distance of local community shopping, nightlife and restaurants usually get the higher prices as many people enjoy the convenience of walking, rather than driving, to enjoy their entertainment.

And let’s not forget homes that have a view.  Even if your upstairs bathroom window is the only one that shows a trace of the ocean, buyers like that.  Sweeping panoramic views of the city, mountains or even golf courses are homes that usually sell quickly.  Buyers also appreciate living close to any outdoor recreation.  Whether it is near water or the mountains or a popular hiking trail, buyers appreciate living near an outdoor setting.

Again, as your Windsor realtor, my advice is to research what you desire in a neighborhood and try to heed these three words, “Location, Location, Location!

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