Windsor Realtors: How to Prepare Your Children For A New Home

Posted in General Blog | 27/04/2012

Windsor Realtors

Windsor Realtors

As Windsor Realtors, it’s always a pleasure to help families find their new dream home.  Whether it be a move a few miles away or across the country, moving can be unsettling for many children, particularly if they will be starting a new school and need to make new friends.  The key is to keep them involved with the moving process.  By informing them on what is happening, your relocation will go much smoother.

1.  Create A Calendar:  By filling in the dates with important details regarding the move, your child will not be caught off guard by any sudden news.  Mark the date you will start packing and when the movers arrive.  List on the calendar when their room will be packed and ask them to help.  If children are younger, let them decorate their moving boxes with stickers and markers.

2.  Take Photos:  Once you have purchased your new home, take plenty of pictures of the inside of the house so they can remember what their new home will look like.  Ask them to help decorate their room and decide where they will want to put their bed and toys.

3.  Making Friends:  If your child is moving to another school, chances are they will be anxious. Whether you have a teenager or a 1st grader, making new friends is often hard.  Make the transition easier by visiting the school. Get your child involved in their favorite activities, whether it be after school sports or dance programs, and set up a routine as quickly as possible.

4.  Keep A Routine:  As Windsor realtors, we see it all of the time: there is always lots of uncertainty when a child moves.  By keeping up a routine that is familiar to them will make the transition go more smoothly.  If you have always had pizza on Fridays, continue that tradition.  This will help your child feel at home.

5.  Have A Going Away Party:  Give your child a chance to say goodbye to their classmates and friends by having a goodbye party.  Let your child’s friends sign an autograph book or stuffed animal with a goodbye message. Leave friends with a self-addressed stamped card where they can write and mail to your child to keep in touch.

6. Be Positive:  Finally, as long as you have a good attitude, your child will too.  All Windsor realtors suggest that you don’t compare your old home with your new home if you miss your old community.  Don’t criticize the new schools or say how much you miss your friends.  Children will follow this example.  If you are happy, they will be too.

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