Windsor Realtors Tell What Buyers Are Saying

Posted in General Blog | 16/08/2012

Windsor Realtors

Windsor Realtors

In our previous blog, Windsor Realtors discussed what buyers are telling them about what makes a home stand out.  Because they had so much to say, we are including the second part of their comments in today’s post.

For many buyers, it is important that homes have the “smell factor.”  Buyers say they are incredibly turned off if they walk into a home and smell what you had for dinner last night.  They also mentioned that if a home smells like cigarettes, pets or mold that is a good enough reason to turn around and walk out without ever seeing the rest of the house.  Other buyers’ comment that overdoing the “good smells” leads them to believe a seller is trying to cover something up.  Too many fragrant candles, cookies just out of the oven and room freshener all mixed together create overkill. One buyer commented that he walked into the bathroom of a home he was considering and found the owners were trying to mask a sewer problem with too many other powerful smells.  He quickly walked out. A simple room freshener as well as a clean home is simply all you need to create a pleasing environment.  One buyer suggested that in the kitchen, simply run some ice and dishwashing liquid in the garbage disposal before a showing.

Finally, buyers want sellers to know that they really are looking for the best house at the best price.  Pricing is critical, particularly with so many homes on the market.  Today’s buyers are educated.  They are doing their homework and they know if your home is priced too high.  Pricing your home at fair market value, even a little lower if you want to sell in a hurry, gives your property a greater chance of multiple offers.  Working with buyers in the negotiation process is critical as well say Windsor realtors.  Be open to throwing in some incentives, like closing earlier, or throwing in a home warranty to keep a buyer’s offer on the table if you can’t agree on a final price.

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