Windsor Realtors Use Words That Sell Your Home

Posted in General Blog | 07/06/2012

Windsor Realtors

Windsor Realtors

As Windsor Realtors, it is our responsibility to write effective ads to market your home.  The idea is to get the attention of your target buyer and entice them to make an appointment to see your home.  There is only so much advertising space to make that valuable impression, so it is imperative that your listing speaks volumes.

These are words that you never want to see any Windsor Realtors write in an advertisement, especially when describing your home:

Cramped:  This is never good.  Buyers don’t want to think they are bumping into things.

Oversized:  This is telling sellers that your home is the largest in the neighborhood, which means it could be overpriced.

Outdated: To a seller, this means they will be spending lots of money remodeling.

Small:  Words like cozy would better describe this type of property.

Potential:  Buyers often won’t read beyond that word if they don’t have the vision to see beyond what is already there.

Decorating Allowance:  It goes without saying that this means your home is not appealing.  It is always best to avoid this term.  If your house needs new flooring, then replace it.  Chances are if a buyer read this, they won’t want to view your home.

Appliance Credit: Same with the above term, if your appliances are dated or need repair, then replace.  They don’t need to be top of the line, but anything is better than seeing an old, barely working appliance.

On Busline:  This means that your house sits in front of a bus stop.  What you want to say is  “Near Public Transportation.”

Windsor Realtors should always use words that sell your home:  Beautiful, turnkey, spacious and well maintained mean your home has pride of ownership.

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