Windsor Realty: Are You Searching For The Perfect Neighborhood?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 18/05/2012

Windsor Realty

Windsor Realty

Working in Windsor Realty for many years, I know that everyone who is searching for a home is looking for “that perfect neighborhood.”  But each client is different, and what may be good for one buyer, is different for another.  As a professional real estate agent, it is important to listen to what every buyer wants when they are looking for location.

To find your ideal neighborhood, it is always good to do some homework before you get started looking for a new home.  The very first thing anyone should do is getting pre-approved for a mortgage.  Right away this will assist you in finding out how much house and neighborhood you can afford.  Once you have secured that information, here are a few more steps you should follow:

1.  Make A Wish List:  What do you want in a neighborhood.  With Windsor Realty, we have many types of homes in various neighborhoods available to view.  But there is no use showing you a home in the city, if you want to be out in the country.  Do you want to be close schools, shopping and work?  Or do you prefer to live in an environment where you have lots of space and few neighbors?

2.  The Future:  Buyers need to consider the future when purchasing a home.  If you are a single person and family is not on the horizon, then you may want to find a smaller home or possibly a condo.  However, if you are a young married couple and want to have a family soon, then perhaps you want a home that you can grow into that is near excellent schools and parks.

3.  Surrounding Area:  It’s important to look at what surrounds a neighborhood.  Are there many foreclosures?  Is there a landfill nearby? Prison?  While your actual neighborhood may be nice, you need to know what is in close proximity for resale purposes.  Also, if there are lots of vacant lots around you, find out what the future holds for these pieces of property.  It could be something that can bring down the value of the neighborhood.

Once you have thoroughly checked out the neighborhood, seek advice from family, friends and Windsor Realty for their comments.  If you know anyone that lives nearby, ask for their opinions and if they have heard anything you should know about.  By researching and seeking advice from, you can then start searching for the home of your dreams.

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